Micro Slack Wax INDO


Micro Slack Wax INDO


Petrolatum is a type of micro wax also known as micro slack wax, bright stock slack wax. It is produced from paraffin slack wax refinery in South East Asia. Micro Slack Wax consists of mixture of microcrystalline wax and oil.
Petrolatum has good oil-holding capacity and that when filtered and blended, will becomes petroleum jelly. When it is being fully refined, it becomes microcrystalline wax.
Petrolatum is a light color micro wax with good adhesion property. It is almost white in color and is suitable for application where a light color micro wax is required.
The specifications of Petrolatum are as follows
Characteristic Test Method Unit Specification
Density @ 15 °C ASTM D 1298 g/cm³ 0.825 - 0.875
Color  ASTM ASTM D 1500 - 2.0 Max
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 °C ASTM D 445 cSt 18.5 - 22.5
Oil Content ASTM D 721 %wt 20 Max
Flash Point COC ASTM D 92 °C 240 Min
Drop Melting Point ASTM D 127 °C 69-74
We can supply the product in 18.5 MTons per ISO tank and 160-175 kg steel drum in 20' container. 
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