Group I Base Oils - Japan


The lubricant base oils sold by Excelube under the SN classification are GI base oils produced by refineries in Japan and Indonesia. They are non-labelled products that are mainly used as the primary raw material in formulating lubricating oils for industry in general. They are paraffinic, with low polycyclic aromatic content (<3% PCA content). These base oils are obtained by direct distillation of highly paraffinic crude or by extraction with propane of the vacuum residue obtained with this type of crude These products, supported in suitable conditions of storage, in sealed containers and preserved from the water and other agents, does not suffer degradation. Nevertheless, from the commercial point of view, we can indicate that the shelf life is four years from the date of manufacture.


The main field of application for these base oils is the formulation of lubricating oils for automobiles, industry, maritime use, greases and other special applications. The wide range of viscosity levels of the SN series means it can cover all the most common lubrication needs of these applications.


  Unit Method SN 150 SN 500 BS 150
Viscosity at 40℃ cSt D445 25-35 90-110 -
Viscosity at 100℃ cSt D445 - - 29.0 – 34.5
Viscosity Index - D2270 Min 95 Min 95 Min 95
Flashpoint D92/D5950 Min 195 Min 227 -
Pour Point D97 Max -6 Max -6 Max -6
Colour - D1500 Max 2 Max 3 -
TAN mg KOH/g D664 Max 0.05 Max 0.05 -
Sulphur %wt D2622/D4294 Max 0.6 Max 0.6 -
Water content Ppm D6304 Max 300 Max 300 Max 300